G1 Therapeutics is enrolling two clinical trials in SCLC.

Study 03 - For patients previously treated with chemotherapy.

Study 03 is for patients diagnosed with SCLC who have already received chemotherapy. For these subjects (a person that has volunteered to participate in a research study), the investigational medicine or placebo will be administered just prior to topotecan chemotherapy.

The study is enrolling in the phase 2 randomized portion of the study, and approximately 130 subjects will be enrolled. 

Study 05 – For patients not previously treated with chemotherapy or checkpoint inhibitors

Study 05 is for patients diagnosed with SCLC who have not yet received chemotherapy or checkpoint inhibitors. For these subjects, the investigational medicine (or placebo) will be administered just prior to the carboplatin, etoposide (chemotherapy treatments) and atezolizumab (checkpoint inhibitor).  

In this study, subjects will have a 50/50 chance (like the flip of a coin) of receiving the investigational medicine or placebo. This phase 2 study is currently enrolling approximately 100 subjects.

If you have been diagnosed with SCLC, sign up to be contacted for screening into these studies.